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Friday, 15 August 2014 04:25

Grow Your CPA Firm Using Killer Marketing Materials Featured

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Truth be told, you don't have to be an award winning copywriter to create effective marketing materials for your CPA practice. I found out a number of years back that even the "pros" use templates to create ads and sales letters that get results.

Before I share my template, it is important to first understand some of the objections that may be going on in the mind of the prospect whenever they see your advertising. You will want to make sure the marketing piece you create overcomes these objections.

These objections could include:

• You don't understand my problem.
• How do I know you are qualified?
• I don't believe you.
• I don't need it right now.
• It won't work for me.
• What happens if I don't like it?
• I can't afford it.

Here is my 12-point template to follow to create effective material pieces:

1) Get attention

If the headline doesn't catch the prospect's attention, the rest of the letter will not be read. Here's an example of a good headline: "Some Small Business Owners Pay A Lot More Tax Than Others; Will You Pay Too Much In 2009?"

2) Identify the problem

After you have gotten the reader's attention, you need to gain their interest by spelling out their problem. The reader should say to themselves "yeah, that's exactly how I feel" when he or she reads your sales letter. This technique in the marketing world is called "problem - agitate."

3) Provide the solution

In this section, you will introduce yourself and your services. You position yourself as the solution to their problem.

4) Present your credentials


This is the time and opportunity to toot your own horn. A few things you may consider to put here are the length of time you have been in this area of expertise, as well as important awards or recognition.

For myself, I talk about my credentials, including the fact that I am author of a book and a list of magazines I have appeared in.

5) Show the benefits

Help your prospects understand what they will gain from your services.

6) Give social proof

Provide testimonials from real clients as evidence that your claims are true.

7) Make your offer

Have a specific offer-more specific than your general services.

8) Give a guarantee

Guarantees help overcome the objection "What if it doesn't work?"

9) Inject scarcity

Make sure the reader understands this offer isn't going to be available forever. This helps to encourage them to take action now.

10) Call to action

Tell prospects clearly and specifically what to do in order to take you up on your offer.

11) Give a warning

What will the prospects miss out on if they don't take action now?

12) Close with a reminder

Sure, twelve steps are a little more work than slapping down your name, address, and phone number in an image ad. But if you are serious about growing your CPA practice, it is important to implement effective CPA marketing techniques.

From hereon, whenever you want to create effective CPA firm marketing materials, follow the 12-point template that I have just shared with you.

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